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We invite you to look around and bookmark our Web site. We also invite you to join us on LinkedIn for good quality discussion among our local professionals at our LinkedIn Group here. We look forward to hearing what's on your mind.


Keeping up with recent section chair Robert Scanlon

Former ASQ Section 0509 chair, Robert Scanlon, is featured prominently in Joseph Conklin’s Quality Progress article this month (ASQ Quality Progress magazine, December 2014). In the article, Conklin shares thoughts with three colleagues on the current direction of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s famous 14 points, and how management can apply them for the next generation. Scanlon has attended discussions, has met and has had discussions about quality with Dr. Deming. So, be sure to give it a read. Good job, Robert!   


Opportunities to serve the section

The Section Leadership Committee asks that all members give serious consideration to volunteering to serve their section. Volunteering is a great way to become familiar with section operations and get to know your fellow quality professionals.  


The following positions are available for members to serve their section:

  • Arrangements Chair
  • Section Treasurer
  • Vice-Chair of a special interest or user's group (Continuous Process Improvement SIG, ISO 9000 UG, Lean Six Sigma SIG, Software SIG, and Membership)
  • Lean Six Sigma Special Interest Group (SIG) Vice-Chair and/or Member Outreach positions.
  • Financial Audit Chair
  • Analyst
  • Exam Proctor
  • Meeting Speaker
  • Course Instructor
  • Position that is short term/infrequent (special mailings) or one-time event (for example, work at a conference booth) 

If you are interested in serving on the section leadership team, and want to increase your involvement in the quality community, please contact Kerry Higgins at Nominations@asq509.org.  These positions earn Recertification Units towards your next recertification.


IMPORTANT: If you are a member of ASQ Section 509 and have NOT been receiving our weekly Section 509 emails, please email our Webmaster at Webmaster@ASQ509.org. Or click below...
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General Membership Meetings! 


We are looking for future speakers to present at our General Membership Meetings.  We are also looking for new locations to hold the event.  If you are interested in presenting at a future meeting or know of a place to hold our dinner meetings, please contact Heather Reis, Programs Chair at Programs@asq509.org.

Remember to check our weekly email announcements and event calendar for our next meeting.

See you there!

- Heather Reis, ASQ509 Programs Chair

Certification Refresher Courses

The Washington DC and Maryland Metro Section offers refresher courses for some of the ASQ certification examinations.  See the Certification and Training Page for the offered courses as well as other training resources. 

Certification Examinations

ASQ certification exams are given four (4) times per year by ASQ Section 509. Exam site is located in Columbia, MD at the JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory.  For information on exam dates and application deadlines for specific certifications, go to: http://asq.org/certification/dates.html

Web site log-in instructions

The log-in instructions are as follows: Click "Login" link on left side. For username, use your First Initial + Last Name For password, use your ASQ membership number. DO NOT ADD LEADING ZEROS.  Note: ASQ Section 509 gets new member data once a month.  Please wait at least 30 days from joining ASQ before attempting to log into our web site.  If login is not successful 30 days from joining ASQ, contact the webmaster (webmaster@asq509.org).

If login is successful, you will see your "My Profile" page with five or six tabs. You may also see the ASQ Newsfeed and links. You will see the newsfeed/links on the "My Profile" page each time you log in. Select the Login/Contact Information Tab to change your Username or password. Password must be at least 7 characters. 

Upcoming Events

Biomed/Biotech Special Interest Group
TOPIC: Overview of NARMS and Detection of Emerging/Novel Antimicrobial Resistance SPEAKER: Shaohua Zhao, PhD
Event Details  ·  Jan 8, 2015

Software Special Interest Group
TOPIC: "If it passes test, it must be OK” Common Misconceptions and The Immutable Laws of Software Development Presented by: Girish Seshagiri
Event Details  ·  Jan 27, 2015

Lean Six Sigma Special Interest Group
Topic: The Challenge with Process Improvement Initiatives Speaker: Ms. Heather Reis
Event Details  ·  Jan 28, 2015


News Feeds

Workers Struggle to Keep Pace With the Robots
Copyright 2014 International Herald Tribune All Rights Reserved A machine that administers sedatives recently began treating patients at a Seattle hospital. At a Silicon Valley hotel, a bellhop robot delivers items to people's rooms. Last spring, a software algorithm wrote a breaking news...
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Group Calls on Business to Train Their Workforces
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Electric Cars Create More Pollution Than Gasoline Powered Vehicles: Study
Copyright 2014 TheStreet.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. People who own all-electric cars where coal generates the power may think they are helping the...
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Chrysler to Recall 208,783 Vehicles in U.S. Over Faulty Air Bags
Copyright 2014 Progressive Media Group Limited All Rights Reserved Chrysler has announced that it is adding 208,783 to it ongoing recall list to replace passenger-side air-bag inflators supplied by Takata. The latest recall will include older model vehicles that were bought or registered...
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It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead - and find no one there. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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