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General Membership Meetings! 


We are looking for future speakers to present at our General Membership Meetings.  We are also looking for new locations to hold the event.  If you are interested in presenting at a future meeting or know of a place to hold our dinner meetings, please contact our Section Chair, Brent Greene, at chair@asq5009.org.

Remember to check our bi-weekly email announcements and event calendar for our next meeting.See you there!

Certification Refresher Courses

The Washington DC and Maryland Metro Section offers refresher courses for some of the ASQ certification examinations.  See the Certification and Training Page for the offered courses as well as other training resources. 

Certification Examinations - IMPORTANT CHANGES

As of September 1, 2016 exams, ASQ will transitioned to computer-based testing, or CBT, for its exam delivery. Although the application/approval process has not changed, candidates will be required to take an additional step after being approved to schedule their testing appointment with Prometric.

Learn more about these important changes at asq.org/cbt.

For information about certifications available, please visit https://asq.org/cert.

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News Feeds

IBM Announces Blockchain Initiatives on Mining and Metals Supply Chain and Tracking Ethically Sourced Minerals
Tech giant IBM on Wednesday announced two blockchain initiatives one focused on tracking and validating minerals and other materials for the automotive and consumer electronics industry, and the other on global mining and metals supply chain solution. Ethically sourced minerals IBM...
News Item  ·  National Feed  ·  Jan 20, 2019_  right

Kia Plans Recall of Thousands of Vehicles, Government Shutdown Prevents Full Recall
By Kelcie Willis Kia Motors will be issuing a recall for thousands of vehicles after hundreds of them have reportedly caught fire, WFTS reported. The company issued a recall plan Jan. 11 that calls for inspection of properly installed high-pressure fuel pumps during engine recall...
News Item  ·  National Feed  ·  Jan 20, 2019_  right

Three-Quarters of Doctors Feel Burnout, Experts Call it a Public Health Crisis
By Tauren Dyson Stress among the nation’s doctors is causing burnout, leading experts to declare a public health crisis, new research says. About 78% of physicians feel “emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and a diminished sense of personal accomplishment,” according to a recent...
News Item  ·  National Feed  ·  Jan 20, 2019_  right

5 Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2019
The future of the manufacturing industry will be shaped by a number of ever-evolving trends and technologies. While there’s no telling exactly how things will play out in the long term, it seems safe to suggest a few will have a profound impact on manufacturers this year. As a result, it’s...
News Item  ·  National Feed  ·  Jan 20, 2019_  right


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