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Message from the Chair

What an exciting time to become Chair of the Section…we have experienced great expansion this past year, with the addition of the BioMed/BioTech Special Interest Group, the Performance Excellence Special Interest Group, our first “major” event offering in conjunction with Section 511 to bring Forest Breyfogle to our members…the list goes on and on. It is my goal to continue to build on this growth in ways that add even more value for our community.

This is also a challenging time – the global economy, unemployment, changes in the political and social environment, innovations, new regulations and many other factors require us to think and act differently than we have in the past.

I have two questions to pose: What can ASQ 509 do for you? What can you do for the society?

I ask that you take time to give us feedback on how we can better serve you, add value for you, keep you coming back, and bring in more members. I also ask you to consider volunteering for the section, recommending a speaker or event, sharing your knowledge and experience, and being an active advocate for QUALITY, in its many forms, in these challenging times.     

As the new Section Chair, I want to thank you for your continued support of and participation in our section. Please join me in commending the men and women that serve the section on the Executive Committee; it is through their efforts that we are able to offer courses, programs, networking opportunities, communications, certification and recertification,  resume and job posting, an interactive website,   and other services for our members. All are volunteers – in addition to their “day job” and their family and personal commitments they give their time, energy, and experience to the betterment of our community.

We are always in need of additional volunteers – we currently have need of a Programs Chair to arrange speakers for the monthly General Meeting, as well as volunteers to support our various Special Interest Groups and volunteer Proctors for exams. We are expanding this year with a Government Discussion Group as well a Continuous Process Improvement Special Interest Group that is planned to meet in Prince George’s County. These are just two of the opportunities for you to increase your involvement. Stay tuned – we’ll post other opportunities and positions as we have more information.

I look forward to serving you this year! Please feel free to send me your suggestions, concerns, questions, etc. at Chair@asq509.org

Here’s to a successful year.

ASQ509 – Where Quality is Capital!

Suzanne Roberts

July 8, 2009